Dr. Marc Nock, DDS

Dr. Marc Nock

Dr. Marc Nock, DDS


Born and raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Dr. Nock is a graduate of Georgetown University and the NYU College of Dentistry. Dr. Nock is the founder of Zenthea and a driving force behind the innovative Zenthea experience. His belief that disease in the mouth effects systemic health and that frequent visits to the dentist office betters oral and overall health has encouraged him to make well-care dentistry a pleasant experience.

What our patients say

I’m doing Invisalign treatment there for over a year now. It takes long not because I have a really bad case but because I’m trying to get the best result.  The office has modern equipment and spa looking interior. The two doctors who working with me are always nice and helpful.
I met with Dr. Marc Nock.  He was kind, professional, easy to talk to, and interested in how my experience at Zenthea had been thus far. I have been there two times in total now and have recommended their dental practice to both my professional colleagues as well as my friends and now to you.